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Fleece (seasonal availability)

nowhere branch fiber First and second clip kid:
Raw at $12 per pound, washed at $18 per pound.
3rd clip:
Raw at $9 per pound, washed at $16 per pound.
Fine adult:
Raw at $6 per pound, washed at $12 per pound.

How to Wash Mohair Carefully skirt the fleece, removing second cuts and debris. Turn the water heater to 140-160 degrees, and caution others in the household. Turn off the cold water supply at the back of the washer (many washers throw cold water during the spin cycle. This may felt your fiber). Fill the washer with hot water, and 1 cup concentrated dish soap. Turn the washer off. Weigh out up to 1 1/2 pounds of fiber, and push fiber under water. Close the lid, and insulate with a blanket. After soaking 10-15 minutes, turn washer to final spin cycle, being sure to by-pass the aggitation cycle. When washer stops, repeat the process without soap, to rinse. Repeat the process as necessary, knowing the end result will be worth the effort! Remember to turn your water heater back to normal setting when you are through.


nowhere branch yarn Lovely, smooth, worsted weight yarn with nice luster and soft, lively handle.

35% kid mohair
65% fine Finn-Rambouillet wool
Single ply approx. 9 w.p.i.
Approx. 244 yards per 4 ounce skein

Dyed in 2 1/2 pound dye lots at $4.00 per ounce, 4 ounce skeins at $16.00. Eight or more at $14 per skein.

Available in rich colors: teal, aqua, periwinkle, tangerine, plum, and celery.

Other Items for sale

Skirted for doll hair or Santa beards, min. length 6":
Raw at $16 per pound, washed at $4 per ounce.

Hats! Unique felted, and knitted-with-handspun hats!
From $35 to $60. Visit our hat gallery!